Accelerator for Hospitality, Tourism and Catering will take place in Moscow
2021-07-21 12:58

Accelerator for Hospitality, Tourism and Catering will take place in Moscow

The capital's entrepreneurs from the hotel, tourism and catering sectors can apply for participation in the accelerator until September 1. This is the third stream launched this year as part of a free programme for the service sectors hit hardest by the pandemic, the press service of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development said.

"Since the beginning of this year, two streams of the acceleration programme for entrepreneurs from the domestic services and beauty industry have been implemented. There were more than 100 applications for participation in each of them. Based on the results of the business accelerators, entrepreneurs were able to restructure their marketing strategy, develop a new line of products and services, and increase their customer base and sales volumes," said Alexei Fursin, head of the department.

The new acceleration program will last for seven weeks. Applications for training are accepted until September 1, after which the online interview and competitive selection of projects will take place.

All participants who send an application will be able to attend webinars on the specifics of the project during the accelerator and effective presentation techniques for better preparation for the submission of their project and pass the selection.

The main program starts on September 16 with networking session. The participants will work individually with trackers behind which there is practical entrepreneurial experience.

At the end of the accelerator, participants will work out strategies for project development and attend a theoretical course in the series of webinars on the development of hard and soft skills.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova