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"Kamaz has created prototypes of a dual-fuel mainline tractor

"Kamaz has created prototypes of a dual-fuel mainline tractor

Kamaz company has developed and assembled the first sample of mainline tractor Kamaz-54901, which operates in dual-fuel mode.

According to the company's representatives, the proportion of 60% diesel and 40% compressed natural gas (CNG) will help to save on diesel fuel during the operation of the vehicle. In addition, this system will reduce harmful emissions into the environment due to the absence of emissions of particulate matter during combustion of gas.

To date, the company has assembled two such vehicles.

"Kamaz is Russia's largest manufacturer of trucks and is one of the world's top twenty manufacturers. The company has assembly plants in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and India. Trucks and diesel engines manufactured by Kamaz are used in more than 80 countries in the CIS, Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The largest shareholders of Kamaz are the Russian Technologies State Corporation (47,1%), Avtoinvest (23,54%) and the German concern Daimler (15%).

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Author: Maria Buzanakova