Complex for asynchronous motor production will be built in Technopolis Moscow
2021-01-11 05:08

Complex for asynchronous motor production will be built in Technopolis Moscow

On the territory of Technopolis Moscow in Zelenograd near Moscow, work has begun on the construction of a new production complex that will produce innovative, energy-efficient motors. The complex will also develop and produce specialized electric generators for specific tasks according to individual orders from enterprises.

Two-year plans, million-dollar investments

Earlier, at the beginning of 2020, the Moscow Committee for Price Policy in State Expertise of Projects and Construction approved the project documentation for the construction of a new industrial facility on the territory of the special economic zone, which is Technopolis "Moscow" in Zelenograd. A site "Alabushevo" on a site № 16 is allocated for building. The contractor will be Sovelmash, a resident of Technopolis "Moscow" since 2019.

According to the documents, the new industrial complex will be called "Innovation Center", and it is planned to design high efficiency induction motors, their design and production to order. It is also planned to organize and set up pilot production for testing methods and technologies. In addition to induction motors, the complex plans to manufacture special generators with combined windings, as well as generator control systems and related materials.

Valery Leonov, the head of Moscomexpertiza, gave some details about what the production complex will be like. This, according to the official, will be a building of varying storeys, from one to three floors. The project provides for a checkpoint with security, lobby, offices, meeting rooms, a hall for demonstrations and conferences. Separately there is a large area sanitary unit, its own medical center, and a number of rooms of different service purposes.

In addition to the aforementioned administrative and household section, the project describes a testing and production wing of the building. It includes a laboratory for the tests themselves, an anechoic room, a nitrogen compressor plant, separate production areas for special purposes: for the manufacture of radioelectronic controllers, electrical machines, technical control, etc.

It will be possible to move between floors in the main building by foot or by elevators. There will be four elevators in total, one of them with increased capacity - up to 2.5 tons.

The building will be adjoined by the territory where functional areas will be also allocated. There will be the area of engineering and technical purpose for installation and service of cooling systems. There will be a parking lot, bicycle parking, unloading zone, and thought-out passages.

The project also provides for landscaping of the territory. So, adjacent to the main building planned to arrange the lawns, plant trees and ornamental bushes, to equip an effective and visually attractive lighting, install fencing with soundproof screens.

Initially it was planned that about 150 employees of different specialties will be able to get a job on the basis of a new industrial complex. According to Valery Leonov, the head of Moscomexpertiza, this staff will be able to produce up to 550 units of general industrial purpose electrical equipment, as well as specialized models for individual orders. As for the main direction, the complex will be able to produce in one cycle up to 50 electric drives on the basis of asynchronous motors.

The sales channels for such products have already been prepared by the market itself. Potential buyers include manufacturers in the housing and utilities sector, energy companies, mining companies, and others.

Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Yefimov commented on the plans for the construction of a new innovative production complex. He said that more than 600 million rubles would be invested in the center construction. The administrative part, experimental production and engineering part will be located on the plot with a total area of 14 thousand square meters. According to Efimov the approximate time to complete all construction and commissioning works is two years. Such forecasts were confirmed by Alexander Prokhorov, Moscow Investment and Industrial Policy Department Head.

Technopolis "Moscow"

As it has already been stated, Technopolis "Moscow" with all the advantages of a special economic zone will be the base for the creation of new innovation production unit. Today it is one of the most important innovation sites, created specifically for the purpose of innovation development, development of technological innovations. Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has repeatedly spoken about the importance of special economic zones development, and Technopolis "Moscow" is a striking example of a successful decision in this direction.

Today the residents of Technopolis are: nanotechnology center of composites (NCC); portfolio company of OJSC "Rusnano" - "Mapper"; Concern "Goodwin"; Schneider Electric - the world manufacturer of digital solutions in the sphere of power management; dozens of other large companies working in the context of innovations implementation.

All residents have access to a multifunctional extensive internal network of services. The services are accessed through the Resident's Personal Office. This is a unified system that connects tenant companies, engineers, employees of organizations and the managing organization. There is a one-stop-shop principle for all issues within the technopolis structure. Services are available to both legal entities and individuals. The company has its own document management system and automated workplaces.