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The old ZIL will be transformed into a super-modern technopark by 2023

The old ZIL will be transformed into a super-modern technopark by 2023

It is planned to create a modern technopark in Moscow on the territory of the current ZIL plant office. An agreement to this effect has been signed by the capital's government with the ITELMA holding company. Completion of the project and the launch of a new technopark is planned for 2023.

Years of planning

The idea of creating an innovative technopark on the site of the current buildings and land plots of AMO ZIL came as early as 2017. At that time, as part of measures to restructure and optimize the industrial complex and AMO ZIL itself with affiliated enterprises, a tender was announced to sell the entire authorized capital of Corpus LLC, which owns the areas and buildings in the territory of the I.A. Likhachev Plant industrial zone.

During a series of road-show meetings with potential investors Igor Zakharov, General Director of AMO ZIL, announced the decision of the Moscow authorities to create a modern technopark on the basis of four buildings and land plots of the existing industrial complex. According to him, the future large-scale facility is expected to be created as part of the requirements of the planning project for the northern territory of the plant, which was developed earlier and approved by the Moscow authorities in April 2017.

During the presentation, Igor Zakharov described in detail the current state, composition and characteristics of the assets. The total area of the buildings is 67 thousand square meters, the condition according to construction and technical standards is satisfactory. The total area of the land plots is 3.96 hectares. Designation of the territory - for placement of industrial buildings, production shops, administrative buildings.

Certain requirements were imposed on the bidders. Thus, the company that will win the tender, should undertake to invest 4 billion rubles in the total amount, not including the money for the very purchase of assets. These investments shall be spent on reconstruction of existing objects and construction of new ones.

Besides, the winner of the tender had to fulfill all conditions to provide the land plots, as well as all reconstructed, repaired, modernized and erected from scratch objects with the status of technopark. Under the terms of the tender, the complex must obtain the status of a technopark not later than December 31, 2022.

Besides the technical and administrative part, the conditions of the purchase provided for the creation on the territory of the former plant of two public facilities. One with the area up to 29 thousand square meters, the second - up to 84 thousand square meters. The second object should include the museum of the I.A. Likhachev plant with the area of 2000 square meters and internal parking for 441 places.

Final agreements

During more than three years a large-scale preparatory work on the competitive selection of the future investor, carrying out of all coordinations, planning and correction of tasks was carried out. In the end, ITELMA group was declared the winner, and the project itself received special preferences from the Moscow authorities.

The agreement signed between ITELMA and the city administration outlines in detail the conditions of this large-scale project, which the investor will have to fulfill. Thus, new equipped production and scientific premises will be arranged in place of the former buildings of the Likhachev Plant. The buildings of the design bureau, the experimental workshop and the plant management will be reconstructed for these purposes. The total area of the complex is planned to be almost doubled, from 68 to 114 thousand m2.

Alexander Postnikov, the President of the ITELMA Group, commented on the terms of the agreement. According to him the holding is completely ready to meet all the requirements for the technoparks concerning the economic activity. One of the most important is the availability of production, design and scientific enterprises among the residents of the technopark. Postnikov underlined that "ITELMA" already has experience in the realization of such projects - the eponymous technopark operates in Moscow since 2013.

Alexander Prokhorov, the head of Moscow Investment Policy Department, also gave his comments on signed agreements. According to him, technopark "ZIL" will become a promising platform for accommodation of productions specializing in the production of high-tech products and development of technical innovations. It is planned to attract leading manufacturers of microelectronics, developers of technological solutions in the field of security, manufacturers of automotive components. The complex will be put into operation by 2023, Alexander Prokhorov added.

Investments, State Support, Export Potential

ITELMA Group will invest 3.3 billion rubles in the project and will receive significant encouragement from the Moscow authorities. It is planned to build a number of capital facilities on the land plots with a total area of 3.97 ha, which will be subsequently used by the Technopark residents, mainly small and medium-sized businesses. Approximate potential of the complex to create new jobs - 1179 units.

Immediately after signing the agreement, the technopark project received practical feedback from the Moscow government. Thus, the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, signed a decree according to which the complex receives the status of a priority investment project. Such status provides significant benefits for the tax burden and rent payments, provides other opportunities for accelerated development and the output of technopark residents in foreign markets.

Vladimir Yefimov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Economic Policy, said that the IPP status will give an investor a tax advantage - zero rate of tax on property, a 26% reduction in the regional profit tax. The rental fee for the land plots will be symbolic - 0,01% of the cadastral value. Apart from "ZIL" Technopark, 14 investment projects of Moscow with a total investment capital of more than 30 billion rubles have already received such status.