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Technopolis "Moscow" rose to the fourth line in the ranking of market leaders

Technopolis "Moscow" rose to the fourth line in the ranking of market leaders

Last year was marked by a major breakthrough for Technopolis "Moscow" - the site moved from the 11th position in the rating (as of 2019) to the 4th line, entering the top five market leaders. It is a rating of investment attractiveness of domestic industrial parks and special economic zones (SEZ), which is compiled by the research center "Expert".

Employees of the organization evaluated the participants on a number of factors:

  • the effectiveness of the management system;
  • output products (works, services);
  • convenience of location;
  • total cost of material and technical resources;
  • Preferential tax and customs payments for the business entity.

Alexander Prokhorov, head of the Moscow investment-industrial department, noted that the "Expert" research center used data for 2019 in its calculations. In total, experts evaluated the activity of 121 industrial-production sites. SEZs with developed communications and customs and tax privileges were placed at the top of the rating:

  • a virtual personal office;
  • active interaction with the municipal authorities of the city and key socio-economic institutions;
  • availability of tax benefits (profit tax, land tax, etc.), as well as access to duty-free export activities.

In addition to the basic rating of the attractiveness of special SEZs and industrial parks, experts of "Expert" compile another rating for the second time. It evaluates the effectiveness of the territories. The analysts take into account the following criteria:

  • the overall scale of the economic park's activities;
  • its contribution to the development of the region (the total number of jobs created in the previous 12 months, investment capacity, residents' revenue, the amount of taxes transferred).

In 2019, Technopolis "Moscow" hired 800 new specialists in various fields. This is 2.5 times more than the vacancies opened within the site in 2018. As for the residents' profit volumes, in 2019, its total volume amounted to more than 22 billion rubles in cash equivalent, which exceeded the 2018 figure by 11%. As for the volume of their investments, the latter amounted to 6.6 billion rubles in 2019 - 7% more than in the last calendar period.

According to Gennady Degtyarev, General Director of Technopolis "Moscow", the results of 2020 should be even more impressive. It is possible that in 2021, the site will take a higher line in the rating. The head of the business entity noted that last year the technopark expanded the range of services provided. Thus, Technopolis "Moscow" began to engage in the selection and organization of training of specialists for companies belonging to this SEZ. If we talk about investing activities, for the first 3 quarters of 2020 residents of "Moscow" have invested about 4,7 billion rubles in the capital's economy. The figure is almost 1.5 times more than it was in January-September 2019.

Export enterprises working in Technopolis "Moscow"

Recall that the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" has five sites, which together occupy more than 200 hectares of territory. These are:

  • An industrial site in Pechatniki;
  • "Alabushevo";
  • "Mikron";
  • "Angstrem;
  • "MIET".

SEZ has greenfield and brownfield territories. More than 180 high-tech companies operate within the technopolis. 79 of them have been assigned the resident status. These are the manufacturers of:

  • microelectronics;
  • Energy-saving equipment;
  • air disinfection;
  • pharmaceutical products;
  • composites;
  • refrigerating equipment, etc.

As of today Technopolis "Moscow" has become a place where all necessary conditions for successful development of high technologies are created. As the territory of the site is part of the SEZ, the enterprises located there are provided with rather large benefits and subsidies, as well as a number of other privileges from the state. The products of these companies are in high demand both in the domestic market and among foreign users.

It should be noted that the Moscow Technopark began its active development relatively recently, only in 2017. In just 24 months, the total number of residents of the site has almost doubled, and the total amount of project financing has almost tripled. For comparison, at the end of 2016 the amount was estimated at 11 billion rubles, and at the end of 2019 - already 30 billion. No wonder that in 2019 the technopolis broke into the top of the National rating of investment attractiveness of SEZs. Last year, "Moscow" became a full member of the World Organization of Free Zones. This was told by Vladimir Yefimov, Sergei Sobyanin's deputy for economic policy and property and land relations of Moscow.

It should be noted that the history of SEZ in our country is 15 years old. The main task of such associations is to attract money to certain spheres of the regional economy. Let us explain the situation by an example. Let us suppose that some region has great potential for tourism development, it makes sense to create a special economic zone there, the main efforts of which will be focused precisely on this direction. In order to motivate business entities to join the SEZ, very advantageous conditions of doing business are provided within the zones. For example, members of such an association are exempt from customs duties and have large tax benefits. But not everyone can become a resident. To become a member of the SEZ, a business entity must meet a number of requirements: to specialize in a particular area of activity, to have a certain amount of investment and the amount of revenue.

Currently in our country there are four forms of SEZs:

  • industrial-production;
  • techno-innovative; tourist-recreational; and
  • Tourist and recreational;
  • port.

Technopark "Moscow" belongs to the second type - technical and innovation SEZ. This means that its members carry out developments in the field of innovative technologies and products, which in the future will go into mass circulation, if they prove themselves well and benefit the society.