Moscow enterprises exported $110 thousand worth of products to the Caribbean
2021-01-11 05:07

Moscow enterprises exported $110 thousand worth of products to the Caribbean

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting restrictions, Moscow companies engaged in export activities are actively exploring new destinations for their products. For example, in 2020, Moscow entrepreneurs managed to establish business contacts with such states as Reunion, Honduras, Bahamas, New Caledonia and Barbados. In January-June last year, these countries sold goods worth 110 thousand dollars. This was reported by Vladimir Efimov, Sergei Sobyanin's Deputy for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations.

The official noted that Moscow businessmen do not sit idly by, but continue to form and strengthen foreign economic relations, despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the world. In addition to the markets they have already mastered, they are actively entering new regions. For example, in the first six months of 2020 alone, the Muscovites managed to negotiate the export of their products with states in Central and South America and the Caribbean, as well as with a region in France. As mentioned above, the total volume of shipments to these destinations amounted to about $110,000. Automotive parts, lighting equipment, computer equipment, dyes, paper products and cardboard were in the highest demand.

Export of products manufactured in Moscow to the Caribbean

Most of the products Moscow industrialists sent to the French region of Reunion. He bought from the Russians the goods for 64 thousand dollars. Ranked below is Honduras, the republic has acquired from the manufacturers of the capital products to 39 thousand dollars. Third place went to the Bahamas - the volume of exports to the region amounted to 5000 dollars in money terms.

In addition to the above states, Moscow enterprises have established supplies to Curacao, Western Sahara, Aruba.

Alexey Fursin, the head of the Moscow department of business and innovative development of the city, notes that the new export directions have opened mainly small and medium-sized enterprises of the capital. In total, for 6 months of 2020, they entered 8 new markets. The most widespread demand was for car tires, dyes with a high concentration of titanium dioxide, as well as black tea.

Establishing new business contacts, the producers do not forget about their old partners. For example, in January-June 2020, businessmen from the capital transported flu and other cold vaccines to Cote d'Ivoire and Ethiopia. For the export of these goods they managed to get a total of 1.57 million dollars. It should be noted that before such products Moscow entrepreneurs did not supply to Cote d'Ivoire and Ethiopia.

In addition, last year for the first time such states as Iceland and Bahrain showed interest in food and processing industry products produced by Moscow enterprises. The total volume of exports to them amounted to $5 million in the 6 months of 2020.

Speaking of the export activities of Moscow industrialists, we cannot ignore the key partners of the capital's businessmen - European states. Thus, in December 2020, the results of sales of non-resource non-energy products to the countries of the region were summarized. The analytics were collected for January-September of the same year. It turned out that the total volume of sales of the capital's industrialists increased twofold, which in terms of money amounts to 15.3 billion U.S. dollars. In 2019, the amount was much less - only $7.8 billion.

In the first 9 months of 2020, Muscovites managed to sell non-resource non-energy products to Western European countries by 218.9% more than in January-September 2019. Revenues amounted to 11.7 billion dollars in monetary terms. Thus, to the Netherlands alone, the capital's enterprises sold $348.88 million worth of goods. If we compare the figure with the first nine months of 2019, it was higher by 9.7%.

Over the past year, analysts noted an active increase in foreign demand for the following groups of industrial products:

- Electronic integrated circuits. Their total exports in the first three quarters of 2020 almost doubled, amounting to $2.74 million in cash equivalent;

- goods and products of the pharmaceutical industry. Foreign partners purchased almost 18 times more of these products from the capital's enterprises than they did in January-September 2019. The total amount of transactions is $1.17 million;

- cosmetics and supplies. Demand for them increased threefold to $0.67 million.

As for the Northern European markets, in the first three quarters of 2020, total sales increased 9.1% to $615.86 million. The key consumers were Denmark and Norway. There were 51.1 percent and 16.8 percent more goods sold to these states than in January-September 2019.

Entering the international market and mastering new areas of foreign trade to capital entrepreneurs is helped by the center "Mosprom", subordinate to the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow. According to Alexander Prokhorov, the head of this department, Mosprom provides comprehensive support in the development of the system of the capital industrial export. In addition to working with entrepreneurs, the center's specialists are engaged in their own research. They analyze already existing foreign economic markets, and also work out new directions of international trade. At present their attention is focused on the states of the Asian continent and Africa, as well as on America and island regions. In addition, Mosprom periodically conducts business missions for representatives of Moscow companies to countries interested in purchasing their products.

Comprehensive support to exporters is also provided by the Moscow Export Center. Employees of the institution help entrepreneurs in drawing up papers for subsidies and grants, open free accounts on large international marketplaces, conduct individual research on foreign markets, look for potential buyers, and implement other support measures.