Moscow is promoting the products of Moscow exporters at airports
2021-01-11 05:07

Moscow is promoting the products of Moscow exporters at airports

In December 2020 Alexei Fursin, the head of the capital's Department of Business and Innovative Development, told journalists some important news. The official shared with the press the information that in Duty Free stores of foreign airports in the near future may start selling goods of the capital's manufacturers. They will be marked with the Made in Moscow logo.

Alexei Fursin noted in his message that in case this project shows good economic results (high percentage of sales), Moscow authorities will gradually expand the list of Russian companies, whose products will be supplied to these outlets. The next stage of the program will be the placement of goods with the Made in Moscow logo in the capital's airports - Sheremetyevo and others. If everything goes smoothly here, the authorities plan to enter the goods of Moscow manufacturers in international networks Duty Free, located in other countries and megacities, at least in the directory mode.

Alexei Fursin also said that the total number of applications for participation in this program is more than 120 pieces. Official said that from all this array will be selected 20 of the most interesting and promising companies that in 2021 will have the opportunity to place their products in the shops Duty Free airport Sheremetyevo. The basic assortment will consist of cosmetic goods, souvenirs and confectionery products.

Selection procedures are handled by the Moscow Export Center, an institution established specifically to support Moscow entrepreneurs engaged in foreign trade activities. Its work is supervised by the Moscow Department of Business and Innovative Development. One of the key tasks of the institution is to increase the number of Moscow exporters and comprehensive assistance in development of their foreign economic activity. The Center employees help businessmen to fill in papers for subsidies and grants, open free accounts on large international marketplaces, carry out individual research of foreign markets, look for potential buyers and implement other support measures.

According to Natalya Sergunina, deputy mayor of Moscow, the placement of Moscow manufacturer's goods in Duty Free zones shows that its products are of high quality. Entrepreneurs from such cooperation will have a double benefit: in addition to the development of new sales channels and increase in revenues, placing the goods on Duty Free sites will help to effectively promote them from the marketing point of view, to increase brand awareness.

According to the official, due to the fact that the services of the capital's airports are constantly used by foreign businessmen, brands of the capital's manufacturers will become more popular on the international market. Probably some foreign businessmen will even want to conclude new trade contracts with Moscow companies.

You will recall that applications for participation in the new project could be submitted until December 15, 2020 on the portal of the Moscow Economic Center. One of the prerequisites was that businessmen had been state-registered as individual entrepreneurs or legal entities for at least six months prior to the date of their application. In addition, all participants in the project had to be Moscow taxpayers and have no debts on compulsory payments to the budget. Moscow manufacturers selling one of the five groups of goods could apply for the sale of their goods through Duty Free stores:

- jewelry;

- alcoholic beverages;

- confectionery products;

- Cosmetics;

- souvenirs.

Producers of some categories of goods additionally had to submit a certificate to the MEC, confirming the compliance of their products with the established requirements.

It is reported that the ICC will bear all the costs of placing the goods of the capital's manufacturers in Duty Free stores during 2021. Trade areas, where these products will be located, will be allocated with the help of special design, and specially trained promoters will present Moscow brands to foreign guests.

Alexei Fursin noted that Duty Free shops offer a wide range of high quality products, which can be made even more accessible to the consumer due to the duty free regime. In such stores you can often buy the latest products from various product groups.

In addition to the MEC, the center "Mosprom", subordinated to the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow, helps capital entrepreneurs to enter international markets and develop new areas of foreign trade. According to Alexander Prokhorov, the head of this department, Mosprom provides comprehensive support in the development of the system of the capital's industrial export. In addition to working with entrepreneurs, the center's specialists are engaged in their own research. They analyze already existing foreign economic markets, as well as work out new directions of international trade. Besides, Mosprom periodically conducts business missions for representatives of Moscow companies to the countries interested in purchase of their products.

Also as part of the development of export activities in the capital digital platforms are created for domestic producers, focused on international markets. At the end of November 2020, Vladimir Yefimov announced that in addition to the existing platforms, another digital platform is planned to be launched very soon. It is also being created to support enterprises engaged in foreign trade activities. This platform will enable exporting companies to communicate directly with potential foreign partners.