Moscow enterprises and the energy sector: how the industry is developing in the capital
2021-01-11 05:07

Moscow enterprises and the energy sector: how the industry is developing in the capital

The energy industry can be called the artery of our state. It is the industry that provides Russians with heat and light. The last few decades have been marked by significant progress in this industry. This includes the discovery of alternative energy sources, and the development of new ways to produce it, innovative technologies, and much more.

Today we will talk about what innovations for the industry are offered by Moscow industrial enterprises and why you need a cable on the control panel.

Energy industry - a fertile field for innovations

About 40 Moscow industrial companies make innovative products for the needs of the energy sector. Their consumers are not only Russian enterprises but also foreign partners. The products of the capital's enterprises are in great demand, which is clearly demonstrated by statistics: for the past three quarters of 2020, the total volume of the capital's exports of energy equipment was approximately 1 billion American dollars. Not surprisingly, the share of exports of this type of goods in the structure of Moscow's income is more than 50%. The largest buyers this year were China ($462.7 million), the Czech Republic ($115.62 million), Belarus ($61.22 million), Slovakia ($55.48 million) and Kazakhstan ($51 million).

Digital technologies in the energy sector

Moscow company "Profotek" manufactures and implements energy equipment, using its own developments in the field of R&D (research and development). For example, the optical electronic transformers it produces have already become very popular in the market and are one of the main types of equipment used to equip digital substations in the electricity generation, transmission and distribution sector.

"Profotech is the only energy equipment manufacturer in Russia that is fully independent and autonomous. Unlike other similar companies, it uses only its own know-how and technologies and implements the full production cycle: from project development to product launch. Oleg Rudakov, the company's general director, told us that Profotek equipment is fitted to almost 100% of the plants of Russia's giant company, RUSAL, because it is much more technologically advanced and profitable than other counterparts. Transformers from this manufacturer allow for primary digital measurements and open up wide opportunities for digitalization of the power sector of the domestic economy.

However, Profotek's innovative technologies attract not only Russian partners. At present, five major foreign players in the energy sector have already paid attention to the company's products and have even managed to test Profotek equipment for compatibility with their digital terminals.

The company is one of the participants in the special economic zone, Technopolis Moscow. Today Profotek can be called without exaggeration one of the most export-oriented hi-tech enterprises of Moscow. Optical transformers produced by the plant have been successfully implemented in 23 existing innovative projects in the field of energy. Another 16 are underway, both in Russia and in other countries.

What does Ecuador have to do with it?

Today, more than two dozen large-scale industrial projects are being implemented in our country. Each of them has a budget of 100 billion rubles or more. Examples include the construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant, the Baltic Chemical Complex, and the Arctic LNG-2 plant for liquefying natural gas.

The Moscow-based European Electrotechnics Group, which is a member of Technopolis Moscow along with Profotech, provides 2/3 of these projects with equipment. Besides, the group supplies products for technological and engineering systems of key vendors. "European Electrotechnics is a diversified enterprise. It manufactures equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as low and medium voltage electrical equipment, electric lighting systems and industrial electric heating. Almost two dozen engineering centers of the company operate in Russia and abroad, including Ecuador.

In addition to manufacturing and selling products for key industries, the company is actively practicing its own scientific and technical developments. For example, in 2019, "European Electrotechnics" presented to the market a complex of innovative industrial and power plants. And in 2020, the company's facility in Technopolis "Moscow" reached its full capacity for the production of high-tech low-voltage complete devices.

Intelligent electric power

The Moscow-based company Roselektronika (a member of the Rostec State Corporation) manufactures a unique product: digital power consumption optimizers. This is an indispensable element for creating a system of "smart" power grids. The optimizer allows to remove voltage spikes, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the network operation. This development became especially in demand during the coronavirus pandemic, when the load on the power grids of hospitals and other medical facilities increased manifold and it became necessary to ensure uninterrupted and safe power supply.

According to experts from Ruselectronics, the use of their products makes it possible to eliminate abnormal situations caused by power outages. Each unit is equipped with a "smart" control and monitoring system. Thanks to this, the user can remotely see all the current parameters of power consumption.

In 2020, the holding started large-scale production of smart energy meters for household needs. This is an entirely Russian product assembled from domestic components and equipped with software from local developers. The devices take readings on their own and transmit them to Energosbyt. All the user has to do is install a mobile app to keep track of all the necessary information in real time.

The cable on the remote control

It is impossible not to mention another major domestic company, Zavod Moskabel, a manufacturer of power cables. The company operates a strict quality control system, which is why it is trusted not only by the business community, but also by the state. In 2020, one of the company's products - cable KRIOSIL - won the contest "100 Best Products of Russia.

Pavel Moryakov, the head of the organization, says that the main achievement of this year should be considered the start of production of "smart" cables. MAGNETAG technology makes it possible to see information about the technical condition and other important cable parameters online. For example, on the screen of a smartphone. Thus, Zavod Moskabel is keeping up with the times and is fully in line with the trend set by Rosseti, PJSC - the digitalization of the electric power sector of the economy.