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Stainless steel towel dryer manufacturer DVIN has expanded its production area by 3 times

Stainless steel towel dryer manufacturer DVIN has expanded its production area by 3 times

The management of DVIN decided to expand the administrative and production premises due to the active development of the company. Thus, in March 2020, the company moved to a new territory, doubling the area of the administrative building and tripling the production area.

"Our company is developing, production volumes are growing, the number of employees is increasing and, naturally, this caused the need to scale up. At the board of directors it was decided to look for new premises," said Pavel Ustyuzhanin, Commercial Director of DVIN.

New plant area

The search for new premises was based on the following requirements

  • production should have a large area and be located on one floor;
  • availability of access roads and transport accessibility;
  • the new facility should be located in the same area;
  • large office space in the administration building.

With the increase in production volume, the company faced several challenges. The previous two-story space was interfering with the proper flow of products within production. The production machines were located on the ground floor, the packaging department and the finished goods warehouse were on the first floor, and during loading, products from the second floor were moved to the ground floor, which caused losses.

The new "DVIN" production and storage facility covers an area of more than 5000 m², the machines are arranged according to production processes and do not obstruct the logical flow of goods between the areas.

In the loading and unloading zone, the warehouses are equipped with a wide automatic gate which enables the forklift to work unobstructed. This has reduced the time for the warehouse personnel to handle incoming vehicles by 30 percent. Six-meter high shelving is also installed in the new warehouse, which will provide, if necessary, increased storage density and allow to place twice as many goods per square meter in the warehouse in the future.

At the old warehouse long vehicles had great difficulty entering the territory, waiting at the entrance vehicles created obstacles to the free passage of vehicles passing by.

The new location in the village of Terekhovo (settlement of Mikhailovo-Yartsevo, Moscow) has an ideal transport location - the area is located 500 meters from the main traffic artery of Moscow and the region - the Small Concrete Ring Road (highway A-107), the access road to the plant has two wide lanes.

The territory of the new complex is over 12 000 sq.m., which enables the trucks of any length and tonnage to maneuver freely.

As most of the company's employees live in the surrounding communities, it was important to find a new site in close proximity to the old one. In addition, there is parking for 60 cars on site, and there is a bus stop for employees who use public transport 500 metres from the company's office.

Workplace expansion for the office staff was as urgent as for the production staff.

In the new office space, a modern space is organized with a large pool of workplaces, there are three meeting areas for meetings with the company's clients and suppliers, a recreation area with a kitchenette, a server room, a large room with multimedia devices for seminars, and a room for the archives.

There is also a large showroom, which allows visitors to get acquainted with the assortment, in which all models of Towel Dryers "DVIN" are presented.

About the company

Industrial company "DVIN", founded in 2003, is the largest Moscow manufacturer of towel dryers from stainless steel.

Basic products of the company are water and electric towel dryers.

Among competitors the enterprise distinguishes a wide range of models and many variants of a decorative covering. As in assortment line there are models from economy to luxury class, "DVIN" towel dryers can satisfy needs of all categories of consumers.

Quality of "DVIN" products is confirmed in system of voluntary certification of Russia. Also the products have been tested and certified and meet the requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union. At the same time the company's top management underwent an MBA course with an internship in Germany.

Since 2008 DVIN began to export its products. The first deliveries were made to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union - Belarus and Kazakhstan. Then contracts were concluded with Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Armenia, Abkhazia and Uzbekistan.

Since 2019, with the assistance of the Moscow Export Center, DVIN has been represented on the international electronic b2b platform Alibaba.

In 17 years, the company has gone from a rented garage to its own manufacturing and warehouse complex in New Moscow with a total area of more than 12,000 m² and a branch in Yekaterinburg.

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