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ORMAS Group started exporting silver icons to Hong Kong

ORMAS Group started exporting silver icons to Hong Kong

The Russian jewellery company ORMAS Group has launched a strategic plan to search for and conclude contracts with foreign partners for the export of Silver Décor interior products. Thus, the first partner of the organization was the Hong Kong company NOOMOS, specializing in the sale of black and red caviar and seafood.

"Taking into account the difficult situation in the international community because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company nevertheless tried to actively cooperate with foreign partners and offer attractive individual commercial terms. The list of potential partners included companies from different parts of the world, including the USA, China, Hong Kong, UAE and a number of European countries. Jewelry retailers, caviar boutiques, yacht companies, architectural bureaus and design studios of elite interiors, as well as companies selling exclusive objects of interior, were the most priority among potential spheres of partner companies," explained the company's representative.

Hong Kong has been singled out by ORMAS Group as a particularly priority region for export activities. Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centers in Asia and in the world and also is one of the leading countries in terms of dollar millionaires, among which there are admirers of art and exclusive interior articles. Besides, zero duty is established in Hong Kong for imports of interior items using precious metals, which makes this region especially attractive from the financial point of view.

First export to Hong Kong

One of the companies that showed interest in ORMAS Silver Décor products, particularly silver caviar holders, was Hong Kong-based caviar boutique NOOMOS, which specializes in the sale of black and red caviar and seafood.

"Thus, in July 2020, the first contract for the product was signed: the choice of the Hong Kong company NOOMOS, operating under the Caviar King brand, fell on the model "Sturgeon on a stand". This original 925 sterling silver iris is inspired by the 19th century works of the famous Russian jeweler Karl Faberge. As the key image the famous noble fish, which is an indispensable dish at imperial feasts, was chosen", - the company said.

The top part of the caviar vessel is detachable, gilded vessel for caviar has a volume of 400 ml. The composition is decorated with two serving spoons with inlays of moonstone, located on the edge of the stand. Total weight of the piece is 962.58 grams, of which 959 grams is sterling silver 925. It takes about 4 weeks to make such an icorn. The product is completed with a personal certificate of quality, confirming the authenticity of the stated characteristics, as well as a premium gift package.

"Within two weeks from the moment of signing the contract the "Sturgeon on a coaster" caviar went through the necessary state control and customs clearance procedures and was delivered to Hong Kong by air. ORMAS company pays special attention to the convenience of ordering products by the customer, so this product was sent on favorable terms of DDP-delivery, which involves payment of all customs duties and fees by the sender, as well as delivery of goods "to the door", - added the company.

In turn, NOOMOS company has highly appreciated the quality of workmanship, style and level of details of the ordered product. This was the start of a discussion on systematic deliveries of various types of icorns to Hong Kong.

The customer company is now looking for potential retail buyers as well as external partners for regular sales of ORMAS products in Hong Kong and mainland China. In particular, NOOMOS has expressed a desire to become the official foreign sales representative for all ORMAS Silver Décor products. The intention is to sell the products to Hong Kong customers both in offline retail format and through e-commerce, using the company's digital resources as well as locally popular marketplaces.

The parties plan to finalise discussions on the technical and legal issues related to the establishment of the dealer outlet by the end of October 2020, and to launch regular deliveries of small-scale models of the anchors as early as November 2020.

ORMAS Icornets

The ORMAS Group catalogue contains over 20 current models of Icornets, which can be purchased from stock or made to order.

ORMAS Icornets come in two types: with or without glass bowls for ice. The volume of the container for the caviar varies from 250 ml to 1000 ml, depending on the product. Icornets made of silver can have removable top part and be equipped with a serving spoon.

The weight of the silver composition is from 150 up to 3000 gr., the height of the Icornets is from 9 up to 40 cm. Anchor silver can be covered by rhodium or 18 karat gold. Some unique models use sea shells or natural coconut. The compositions can be decorated with precious and semi-precious stones: amethyst, topaz, garnet, tiger's eye and amber.

Some models are set on jade or obsidian bases. Some of the models are placed on nephrite or obsidian bases.

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