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North Connect has arranged delivery of paintings by Vietnamese artists to an exhibition in Moscow in 2019

North Connect has arranged delivery of paintings by Vietnamese artists to an exhibition in Moscow in 2019

The Russian company NORD CONNECT, at the request of the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibitions of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, organized the delivery of paintings of contemporary Vietnamese artists to the exhibition "Varnish Painting of Vietnam", which was held at the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia in Moscow as part of the 2019 Year of Vietnamese Culture in Russia.

"NORD CONNECT staff organized customs clearance, delivery, unpacking of paintings and their arrangement in the exhibition hall in a short time. At the end of the exhibition, the cargo was removed from the exhibition, packed, delivered to the airport and sent back to the country. Professionalism of the "NORD CONNECT" employees was highly appreciated by both museum workers and Vietnamese side", - the company said.

About the exhibition

The exhibition "Vietnam Lacquer Painting" was organized as part of the Vietnam Culture Days in Russia in May 2019. The exhibition featured 30 works by artists who were fully able to depict this type of painting.

"These works showcase the beauty of lacquer layers and shimmers of color, combining grandiose splendor and tenderness, comparable to the soul of the Vietnamese people. The exhibition introduced visitors to the cultural traditions of this country and demonstrated the love for labor combined with the optimism and strong will of the Vietnamese people," according to the museum's official website.

About Company

The "NORD CONNECT" Company founded in 2010 is an international freight forwarder rendering full range of services on storage, handling, transportation and customs clearance of cargoes of different categories including dangerous goods of all classes and cargoes requiring temperature control. The company performs delivery of cargoes by air, sea, rail and road transport.

The main specialization of the company - export by air and multimodal transport to the countries of Asia and Africa, road transport of goods from the European Union to Russia, the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East.

By 2015, the Company's management decided to carry out a large-scale certification of personnel in accordance with IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards.

In 2016, the company trained its employees according to the FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) standards and started providing services for export clearance and transportation of hazardous and dual-use cargo by air.

During the period of NORD CONNECT's activity, the total quantity of cargoes transported by air makes up more than 500 tons, and the maximum weight of one cargo piece is 5100 kg, which is twice the permitted weight (additional weight was transported under a special permit).

NORD CONNECT is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Association of Russian Freight Forwarders (ARE) and Lognet Global, an international association of freight forwarders.

Services .

NORD CONNECT" provides the following types of services:

- Warehousing and cargo handling services. The work is carried out taking into account the physical characteristics and special requirements for different types of cargo, including special temperature conditions and safe storage for high value cargo. The Company's rented warehouse has its own workshop for checking and packing cargo of any hazard class according to IATA standards.

- Cargo insurance. Insurance policy for cargo for the entire period of transportation, which implies a full compensation of cargo value in case of any force majeure situations on water, land or sky.

- Consulting. Consulting services in the sphere of logistics, organization of cargo transportation and implementation of project deliveries; cost reduction; solving problems related to purchasing, transportation, certification, customs clearance and distribution of goods.

- Supply of aircraft spare parts and components for aircraft (ship spares, turbine parts and pumping equipment) and helicopters of Russian and foreign production to various regions of the world. The equipment supplied has all necessary certificates and is fully compliant with flight safety requirements.

Geography of Shipment

"NORD CONNECT" has extensive experience of transportation to hard-to-reach and unpopular regions like: Sudan (trade agency and air delivery of general cargo and hazard class 1 cargo), Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand (organization of multimodal transportation of hazard class 1 cargo with transshipment from air to sea transport), Democratic Republic of Congo (hazard class 1 cargo delivery), Afghanistan (delivery of aircraft spare parts), Guatemala, Tajikistan, Venezuela and other successful projects that have been implemented in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

To date, the company has transported various types of cargo to 184 destinations in 84 countries worldwide.

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