Russian IT company has created a website for a digital bank in Nigeria
2020-10-21 12:17

Russian IT company has created a website for a digital bank in Nigeria

Russian IT company Embacy has created a website for a digital bank in Nigeria. The customer was Seampay, a payment system founded by a Nigerian citizen.

Embacy's specialists in the development set themselves the task of making a unique product with the addition of African motifs in such a way as not to "slide into cultural stereotypes".

The new digital bank, compared to others in this country, is distinguished by commission-free transfers, cachebacks and advantageous offers.

When developing the product, it was important to make it stand out from the competition, be memorable, look stylish and reflect the positioning of the bank.

The design concept was based on the African Akwete patterns used in traditional Igbo weaving craft.

"We came to the Akwete because it is Nigerian history. We looked for references and found many examples of how the Akwete patterns are now used in a modern and stylish way. From the streetwear shops in the installation to the interior and T-shirts of the national team. I was glad that no interesting uses were found in the web," told the representatives of the branding agency.

The asset has become a key detail that allows the connection between a digital bank and a physical location to be established. However, as explained by Embacy, the pattern was used in dosing, as the final product was for the bank.

The project took two weeks to complete, whereas similar tasks usually require around four weeks.

Manufactured in Russia // Made in Russia

Author: Ksenia Gustova