2020-10-20 04:32

"Agrosila was included in the rating of the largest poultry meat producers in Europe

American publication WATTPoultry International has ranked the largest broiler meat producers in Europe. Russian agrarian holding Agrosila was included in the top 50.

As it was told to the Made in Russia Project by the Press Service of the holding company, Agrosila currently manufactures over 120 thousand tons of meat in live weight and sells over 96 thousand tons of finished products.

The company is one of the ten largest poultry farms in the country, which has the full production cycle, including breeding of hatching eggs and production of the finished products.

Director General of Agrosila Svetlana Barsukova told that now the company poultry farm includes 11 production sites. She pointed out that the innovative approach to production is being applied here. All processes, according to her, are automated, and the influence of human factor is minimized.

"We use Pad Cooling installations, improve product packaging, a system of low-potential heat utilization as part of resource-saving technologies and implement projects of the production system "Agro", the economic effect of which is 60 to 90 million rubles annually," Barsukova added.

Last year Chelny Broiler's poultry complex carried out a technical re-equipment of several sites. Agrosila spent more than 100 million rubles for these purposes. Due to the re-equipment the production of meat in live weight increased by 1 thousand tons. The economic effect of such a solution is already estimated at an average of 10-15 million rubles per year.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova