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Moscow authorities will provide those in need with eye prostheses at the expense of the budget


The Moscow authorities have included an eye prosthesis in the list of technical means of rehabilitation provided at the expense of the city budget, the portal reported on November 25 . The resolution has not been published.Previously, only disabled people had the opportunity to receive free implants after removal of the eyeball.

But up to 50% of patients at the time of surgery do not have such a status and in the future, during a medical and social examination, they may not receive it, the report clarifies.

Every year, the capital's ophthalmic surgeons perform 150-220 such surgical interventions. The implant replaces the lost visual organ and allows you to preserve organ-reflex connections. The prosthesis keeps the facial muscles in tone, fixes the lacrimal glands in a physiological position, protects the eyelid from sagging, prevents the growth of the bone plates of the facial skull from stopping, and also serves as a barrier to infections entering the cavity of the eye socket.

As a rule, two or three standard eye prostheses are used for primary prosthetics. Subsequently, they are replaced in children once a year, in adults — no more than once every two years.

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