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At the beginning of his career Gegham Arakelyan worked as a salesman of sanitary ware in Moscow construction market. During his working life he discovered a shortage of stainless steel towel dryers, after which he started looking for Russian manufacturers. However, everything he found was either unsuitable in terms of price or quality, so Gegham Arakelyan decided to create a product for his customers' needs.

In 2003, together with a group of like-minded people, Arakelyan organized a mini-shop to produce simple M- and P-type stainless steel products. Due to the growing demand, he soon expanded his sales market to other Moscow markets as well.

Due to the expansion of the product range, the purchase of a new machine tool and the emergence of more and more partners throughout Russia, there was a need to create a full working space for the plant. Thus, in 2005 the production moved beyond the Moscow Ring Road to Krasnaya Pakhra, and in 2020 it acquired its own production and warehouse complex with the area of more than 10 000 sq.m. on the territory of New Moscow.

At present, the plant, which produces more than 20 thousand products per month, employs about 80 people. The company has over 1000 customers throughout Russia, as well as in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

Gegham Arakelyan adheres to the principles of social responsibility and actively participates in many charity projects.

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