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Wealleco is a manufacturer and foreign trade representative of Russian small and medium enterprises, exporter of Russian goods through its own shops on the marketplaces of Alī,, a network of agents and partners in China, the United Arab Emirates, India and the European Union.

Anton Novikov was born in 1985, graduated from the Russian State University of Civil Engineering, specializing in personnel management at the enterprise. Currently he has fifteen years of experience in successful private enterprise, including international markets. He is fluent in English. Proponent of a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, engaged in yoga. He strives to synchronize his personal life and interests not only with his professional activity, but also with the business development of his partners both in Russia and abroad.

Three and a half years dedicated to building eco-settlements in Peru, where he was a co-founder. In Russia, he started his business with the printing industry. He was the organizer and owner of a quest company in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in Novosibirsk, where he simultaneously opened a new business - a network of eco-shops.

The idea to develop an eco-company has transformed into a broader understanding of its own business: to sell quality Russian non-resource goods to foreign representatives, thus increasing not only the income of participating players and private entrepreneurs, but also contributing to the development and prosperity of the Russian economy.

We help unique Russian producers enter the international market, thus introducing the international community to innovative and high quality products from Russia. We strive to create a new perception of domestic companies and the country as reliable partners aimed at sustainable development of the whole planet, - said Anton Novikov on the company's development goals.

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