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He graduated from the Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation as a linguist and translator, after which he was assigned for military service on the Sakhalin peninsula. After serving two years, he moved to Lisbon (Portugal), where he began his career in tourism.

Tourist career began with the company Palacio Belmonte, where Gabaraev worked for several years and went from Operation to Sales & Marketing Manager. After gaining extensive experience of working in Europe with international clients, he returned to Russia, where he continued his career in one of the leading travel agency Russkie prostori as the head of the Moscow office of the company, where he successfully worked on many projects throughout the country.

Subsequently, Gabaraev joined the global international company Tourvest, heading its Russian office, which focused on global sporting events - TEAM Destination Management. Gabaraev organized and accompanied sporting events of international scale: Winter Olympics in Sochi-2014, World Cup 2014 in Brazil, UEFA Super Cup 2015 in Tbilisi, Champions League Final-2016 in Milan, EURO-2016 in France, Confederation Cup-2017 in Russia, World Cup-2018 in Russia.

In 2018, Gabaraev founded the company MICEVERSA.