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One of the leading enterprises in the production and sale of precious stones and jewelry in Russia
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Lazurit-D was founded in 2001, becoming one of the leading companies in the field of production and sale of gemsstones and jewelry in Russia.

The company has been engaged in diamond processing and wholesale of gemstones in the domestic and foreign markets since 2010. Later, in October 2013, the activity of Lazurit-D expanded, and the company's specialists began cutting and selling emeralds in the Russian and international markets.

Lazurit-D is the official supplier of emerald and alexandrite raw materials as well as phenakites from Malyshevskoye deposit in the Urals. Fenakites from Malyshevskoye deposit have unique properties, being the largest and purest minerals, which makes them especially popular among Russian and foreign clients of the company. 

In October 2019, the company registered its own trade mark BlooMStone and launched several design lines of jewelry. The distinctive features of collections are the unusual design, smooth, flowing lines and shapes, as well as the unique design of the cup, through which the stones on the products shine brighter and look visually larger. Lazurit-D has already released three collections under the BlooMStone brand.

Lazurit-D is a regular client of the Russian group of diamond mining companies Alrosa and cooperates with Gokhran of Russia.

In 2020, the company took part in the restoration of a star from the spire of the Northern River Station, which opened after the reconstruction on September 5, the day of the 873th anniversary of Moscow. Specialists of Lazurit-D company took direct part in restoration of the star: they restored the coating, silvered the sickle and hammer, restored the gems and returned the mechanism to work.

Company Catalogue

The assortment of Lazurit-D company also includes less expensive beryls, including large fraction beryls tumbling. These are beryls polished in a special apparatus and impregnated with a special composition to strengthen the stone and make it more transparent. In addition, the Lazurit-D catalog also contains transparent phenakites, which are little known in Russia. The company offers all these stones in the form of raw materials or cut in different ways in its own shop.

The uniqueness of Lazurit-D's assortment is in the fact that the valuable stones are not ennobled, i.e. they are not impregnated with polymers, silicones, and dyeing substances, unlike most South American and African stones. Besides, the stones are certified by the most famous laboratories in Russia, Europe, and the United States. Thanks to the quality and individual approach to work with stones, the company's products receive the highest marks from foreign partners, who are used to create exclusive jewelry. 

Most of the company's catalog is also occupied by a variety of jewelry of its own production, including: women's and men's rings, wedding rings, key chains, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, pendants, crosses, jewelry brooches, tie clips, souvenirs, badges and others. At the same time, the company produces products not only of its own design and development, but also made to individual orders and sketches of customers.


Lazurit-D rents a space that houses three diamond cutting shops, one emerald cutting shop and one jewelry shop, as well as a warehouse and office rooms.

Modern equipment and professionalism of the company's cutters are its main advantages. Lazurit-D employs the highest - 6th class - cutters with over 40 years of experience in working with diamonds and jewelry.

Participation in international exhibitions and collaborations

Lazurit-D company is a regular participant of both Russian and international jewelry exhibitions such as RESTEC JUNWEX, Gemma Gallery, Hong Kong International Jewelry Show. And in November 2019 the company took part in China International Import Expo, which was held in Shanghai, where it presented its best jewelry with emeralds and alexandrites.

An interesting project in the history of the company was the cooperation of Lazurit-D with the developer of computer games, which created a collection of exclusive jewelry from the series World of Tanks. The products are made in such a way that not only loyal fans of the game, but also connoisseurs of exquisite and high-quality jewelry will want to become their owners. The jewelers created bracelets, cufflinks, pendants-capsules, necklaces, pussets, clamps for tie in the militaristic style - the collection includes a variety of items made of silver and gold and decorated with precious stones.

In 2019, under the brand name BlooMStone, the company released the collection  called Space, timed to participate in the Shanghai World Exhibition. The products are made in yellow and white gold, and the combination of smooth gold with the shimmering brilliance of diamond pave, Ural alexandrites of different carats and high reverse gave the products a magical and fascinating effect.

Company facts

  1. The largest supplier of precious stones to the Malyshevskoye deposit in the Urals.
  2. The leading manufacturer and supplier of gemstones and jewelry in Russia.
  3. The owner of own trade mark of jewels BlooMStone.
  4. High quality products are regularly appreciated by customers and partners in Russia and abroad.


Russia, Moscow, 83A Dubninskaya ulitsa
+7 495 150-99-92
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