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One of the largest Russian manufacturers of facade systems
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The company Alternativa, founded in 2003, is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of facade systems.

The main activities of the company are production and supply of components for ventilated facades from frames and facing materials to fasteners. The company accepts orders to produce stamped products, and also has the ability to manufacture matrices, molds and dies on imported equipment by Sodick company (Japan).

The products are manufactured from the best raw materials using high-performance domestic and imported equipment of leading companies.

For the whole period of work the company Alternativa has proved to be a reliable partner on the whole territory of Russia. In 2005 a branch was opened in the city of Novosibirsk, which actively promotes the company's products in the Siberian and Far Eastern regions. 

In 2006, branches were opened in St. Petersburg and Chelyabinsk, and in 2008 - in Moscow. Each branch has a large regional warehousing programme and offers convenient cooperation options. The company's marketing programme is based on a vast geography of product distribution.


Alternativa  produces a variety of facade systems:

Hinged ventilated facade systems and components

Aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel systems of ventilated facades, which are actively used in the construction and reconstruction of residential, administrative and industrial buildings. Thermal insulation hinged facade system is a metal frame on which a new layer of external finishing is fixed. As the materials used for exterior decoration of the building, used ceramic granite slabs, fibrocement slabs, metal elements, natural stone.

Ventilated facade has a number of advantages, including reliable heat and sound insulation, protection from external influences, a significant reduction in heat consumption during the heating period, the simplicity of design and installation, long service life, as well as the ability to install the system at any time of year. Other advantages include - resistance to thermal deformation and lack of special requirements for the condition of the main walls of the building.

Insulation for facades

Mineral wool insulation repels water and allows to maintain a comfortable temperature regime in the room. Mineral wool material is easy to use and is environmentally friendly.

The heater based on rock (basalt) can withstand high temperatures without ignition. The material has excellent insulating and fire protection properties, as well as high soundproofing characteristics. Basalt insulation has a positive impact on the environment, reduces energy consumption, is not subject to rotting and exposure to various microorganisms.

Facing material

Alternativa offers facing materials made of porcelain stoneware and composite, as well as fibrocement panels from Japan and clinkers ALTBRICK.

ALTBRICK clinker tiles are made from refractory clay, which is an environmentally friendly material suitable for processing. 

Clinkers can be used in the construction of buildings of any complexity and altitude, for any purpose. The material is frost resistant, virtually does not absorb moisture and is not exposed to burnout in the sun.

Advantages of the company

The company Alternativa is distinguished from its competitors by the following advantages:

- product quality and strict control;

- large regional warehouse volumes;

- availability of own design department of developers;

- product delivery is carried out with the help of own transport company;

- application of new technologies in production;

- leadership in terms of supply volumes;

- regional technical support centers.

Supply geography

The enterprise carries out a complex of works on manufacturing and designing of ventilated facades and organizes a complete set and delivery of production to object. Indicators of strength, resistance and durability made curtain facade systems quite common.

High quality of products allows to meet modern facade cladding from the company Alternativa not only in different regions of Russia (from the Far North to the South), but also abroad.

Exhibitions and awards

The company also takes part in specialized exhibitions and forums. Thus, in 2014, Alternativa participated in the International building and interiors trade show MosBuild-2014. And in March 2020, an interregional specialized exhibition BelExpoStroy was held, where Alternativa presented modern materials, structures and advanced production technologies in the field of facade construction.

The facts of the company

1.         The company Alternativa is one of the largest Russian producers of facade systems.

2.         The company's products are made of environmentally friendly materials.

3.          Alternaiva has several branches in different cities of Russia with its own warehouse programs.

4.         The products are supplied not only in Russia, but also abroad.


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