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The company is engaged in organization of international cargo transportation
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Veles Spedition, founded in 2014, is engaged in organizing the transportation of goods between Russia and other countries, transit through Russia, as well as the delivery of goods between third countries.

The company organizes the transportation of expensive high-precision equipment, supplies raw materials for manufacturing enterprises of various directions and provides services for the delivery of spare parts and foodstuffs, oversized and hazardous cargo.

Today Veles Spedition provides a number of services for its customers:
● services in transportation of cargoes by various means of transport, as well as their storage;
● cross-docking of general, oversized and hazardous cargoes;
● assistance in customs clearance;
● consulting on foreign economic activities;
● a number of services as a trade intermediary.

Geography of transportation

The experience of the company's employees allows Veles Spedition to offer customers high quality service for cargo transportation between Russia and the countries of Europe, South-East Asia, India, Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Africa and South and North America, as well as Oceania

Types of transportation

In its work with international cargoes Veles Spedition uses different modes of transport.

For example, with European countries, mainly road transport is used, which allows to maintain good indicators of transit time and cost. In road transportations with Europe the cars of different carrying capacity are used - from 1 ton and more. Such transport has a number of advantages, one of which is mobility, which allows to compete with air transportation. The popularity of road transport is growing from year to year. So, for example, it has become more actively used in work with China - there is an experience of cargo transportation from Shanghai (China) to Istanbul (Turkey).

At the same time, Veles Spedition actively uses transportation in containers. The main direction of such transportation remains China and other countries in South-East Asia. Such transportation, as a rule, is multimodal and combines several types of transport: sea freight, rail or road transport.

Import and export cargoes

Veles Spedition actively develops shipments of groupage cargoes from Russia to other countries of the world, despite the fact that the specifics of international transportation is significantly different from transportation within Russia.

In addition, Veles Spedition has real experience in domestic shipments of goods, which are part of the international ones, and within the framework of delivery, both the type of transport and the repacking of goods may change. Due to this, the presence of a local forwarder will save the total cost of goods delivery to the cargo owner, who is outside Russia.

Veles Spedition is the only freight forwarder that sends groupage cargoes from Russia to Turkey and Serbia directly, without consolidation at transit warehouses in third countries. This type of transportation allows reducing economic costs and transit time of transportation. The company also organizes supply chains of strategic goods to production facilities.

Facts about the company:

  1. Veles Spedition is the only freight forwarder, which sends groupage cargoes from Russia to Turkey and Serbia directly.
  2. The company transports goods all over the world, including African and Oceanian countries. The main directions are transportation between Russia and European countries, as well as between Russia and China.
  3. Veles Spedition carries out road transportation, air transportation, transportation in containers and container trains.
  4. The company organizes transportation of expensive high-precision equipment, supplies raw materials for manufacturing enterprises of various directions and provides services for delivery of spare parts and food products, oversized and hazardous cargo.


Veles Spedition
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