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Amber Palace

Amber Palace has been manufacturing tableware, souvenirs, jewellery and other exclusive handmade products made of natural amber, silver and white jewellery bronze for over 20 years.
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The company Amber Palace produces dishes, souvenirs, jewelry and other exclusive handmade products made of natural amber, silver and white jewelry bronze for over 20 years.

The masters of the company produce amazing author's ornaments, each of which is unique in its own way. Decorations from Amber Palace are created according to the ancient Russian techniques of beadwork, popular in Russian Empire.

Amber Palace has been on the market for over

20 years

The company's business card is amber dishes and interior items, which are produced by a patented technology and have no analogues. The design of the items combines high artistic style and jewelry craftsmanship.

"Our work is a bright combination of traditions and modern ideas about tableware, jewelry, accessories and other household items. It is difficult to call our production classical, but it is strongly influenced by Russian jewelry traditions,

which were created in the XVIII-XIX centuries by such world-famous masters as Karl Faberge or the Grachev brothers, Birbaum Franz and others. We create new traditions in the famous Russian jewelry art", - says the company's representative.

History of the company development

The history of the company Amber Palace dates back to 1999. At that time, the company that existed under another name - Amber Palace began its own production of jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants and earrings using ancient Russian techniques of weaving from amber and beads.

In the same year the company took the first place in the category The Best Amber Product for handmade jewelry made of beads with amber and received a diploma of the Russian Guild of Experts and Appraisers of Jewelry For creating new products with pearls and amber. Later, in 2000, the company started its own jewelry production of amber tableware and gifts made of silver and amber using an absolutely new technology.

The company received its current name Amber Palace in 2002. Then, in February 2003, the company registered its trade mark Amber Palace. Later, the trademark of Amber Palace of Russia company was registered in Japan.

The artistic breakthrough of the company began in

when Amber Palace began producing a new collection of products using white jewelry bronze, enamel and Swarovski crystals

Technologies of products production

Amber Palace tableware and souvenirs are produced using a unique technology that allows you to preserve all the physical properties and chemical composition of amber.

The technological process consists in sintering separate stones of amber into one unit. 

It is important to emphasize that this is not the melting of amber, it does not turn into a liquid state when exposed to a sufficiently high temperature. Amber raw materials are heated at a gentle temperature, after which they are slightly cooled under the press in special forms without oxygen access. 

Under the influence of low temperatures and gentle mode, the pieces of amber are connected to each other through diffusion only along the perimeter. Thanks to this approach, each product is given a unique and special pattern.The finished semi-finished product is then carefully ground and polished by hand, and connected to the silver parts by special pins and professional glue.

In total, the production cycle consists of eight stages:

1. Development of the model range: professional artists-jewelers prepare sketches on the chosen theme, on the basis of which later master models of future products are made;

2. Production of the master model from silver;

3. manufacturing of rubber forms;

4. Waxing;

5. Casting in silver of 875 samples or in white jewelry bronze;

6. Sampling (for silver only);

7. Jewelry mounting (processing and polishing of silver parts, their connection with amber parts of the product);

8. Final grinding and polishing.

The main distinctive feature of this manufacturing process is the preservation of aesthetic and physical properties of the mineral without any additives - artificial and natural. The composition of Amber Palace products is 100% natural amber and silver 875 samples (or white jewelry bronze).

In addition to dishes, Amber Palace creates original gifts and souvenirs for every taste: Christmas tree toys, business card holders, tea sets, paintings, dominoes, chess, caskets, watches and much more - everything is made exclusively from the best natural raw materials by highly skilled professionals.

Participation in exhibitions

The company Amber Palace regularly participates in various jewelry fairs: AMBERIF (Gdansk, Poland), AMBERTRIP (Vilnius, Lithuania), Frankfurt Messe and Munich Messe (Germany), IJT (Tokyo, Japan) and international jewelry fairs in Hong Kong and Beijing since 2012.

In Russia, the company annually participates in the main jewelry fairs that are held in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Amber Palace products are

100%natural amber
without impurities and additives

The design of products is an example of combining high artistic style and jewelry craftsmanship

The manufacturer of tableware, souvenirs and amber jewelry for over 20 years

Amber products are created by a patented technology and have no analogues


Amber Palace
Russia, Moscow, 14, Dorogobuzhskaya ulitsa, Building 6
+7 495 589-82-43
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