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IT company Unicraft provides an online platform for distance learning for employees.
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IT company Unicraft, founded in 2016, provides an online platform for distance learning for employees.

Based on the client's needs, Unicraft offers a wide range of services to launch distance learning: this includes auditing the current training system, a catalog of ready-made courses for each business function, development of custom training courses, and even a comprehensive introduction of corporate training in the company.
Today, Unicraft company is a team of professionals in the field of business development, which transferred the best practices from the development of fast-growing companies to a convenient online service. The Unicraft team has been working for more than 10 years in the field of knowledge transfer technologies, effective company development and productivity improvement.

At the same time, Unicraft includes a research center, which cooperates with major companies in Russia. The Unicraft team conducts research in the field of neurophysiology and principles of the human brain, which then form the basis of a unique technology to create educational materials.

The main segments the company is focused on are corporate training for small and medium businesses. These are companies that do not have a lot of time and financial resources, respectively, are not able to attract outside companies to implement an online platform and organize internal training.

History of the Company

In 2017, Unicraft company began its development through individual orders for the development of training platforms. Gradually, improving and refinement of the product, the company moved to the SaaS model, providing an online platform for training employees to small and medium businesses. By 2019, the company had completely switched to subscription work, abandoning custom development.

In December 2019, Unicraft won the competition for the best export strategy among the 200 companies participating in the Winter Island work intensive program in Sochi. During the event Unicraft company was the first to sign an international agreement with Global Inc. on cooperation and interaction in the Indian market.

In August 2020 the company was included in the list of 100 best EdTech startups by EdCrunch and HolonIQ.

The company was included in the list of

by EdCrunch and HolonIQ
100best EdTech startups


Unicraft company's uLearn platform is a modern training platform for employees with a modern UX/UI, simple and easy to use.

The Unicraft platform allows the employer:

- To structure in a single knowledge base existing in the company knowledge, experience, know-how and technology of work;

- Appoint personalized training programs and flexibly manage access to available materials;

- To train each employee to perform his or her functions properly, using the most effective training tools and techniques;

- To control each employee's understanding of the material in real time;

- Keep a complete history of training and competence development for each employee;

- Analyze training results of employees, identify and encourage the best;

- Quickly disseminate new knowledge in the company and keep the company's technologies always up-to-date;

- Have round-the-clock access to the training system from any device.

There are more than 300 platforms in the world market of distance learning and personnel development. Unicraft platform favorably differs from all other platforms in that it is aimed at achieving the business goals of the company, linking training with organizational performance.

Unicraft platform is equipped with convenient tools for training planning in accordance with the organizational structure of the company. Each new employee automatically receives a predetermined development plan corresponding to his or her position.

Numerous mechanisms for motivating the user are implemented on the platform. Short-term motivation is achieved through a desktop with daily performance quotas, competitions and rankings between employees. Long-term motivation is implemented in the form of individual development plans for professional competencies and career paths.

The environment is constantly changing. The company regularly receives new information about successful actions to be taken. At any time, the client can supplement existing materials and all employees related to this area of knowledge will be immediately notified.

When an employee receives personal corrective feedback from a more experienced colleague, training is more effective. The internal role system allows one user to both learn for himself and train others. 

Customers and partners

Unicraft is an international company, which today has more than 50 thousand users from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, UAE and China. Over the last year, the total number of client companies has grown by 2.5-3 times.

Unicraft works with companies from different fields: manufacturing, finance, retail, IT, business, logistics, engineering, entertainment, consulting.

Among the clients of Unicraft company there are large Russian companies: Sberbank, Rostelecom, MTS, Ingosstrakh and many others.

The Unicraft team has been working for over

on knowledge transfer technologies, effective company development and productivity improvement

Included in the list of 100 best EdTech startups by EdCrunch and HolonIQ

The company won as the best startup within the Winter Island work intensive program in Sochi

Includes a research center, which cooperates with major companies in Russia

At the same time, Unicraft cooperates with several accelerator programmes that support and accelerate the development of startups in IT and digital education - the Internet Initiative Development Fund and EdTech Accelerator ED2.


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