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Alexander Cheglakov is an artist who revives many years of fallen trees into unique works. Their plot depends on the size of the selected part of the tree, which can be over two hundred years old.
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Alexander Cheglakov is an artist who revives perennial fallen trees in unique works - both large and small interior compositions. Their plot depends on the size of the selected part of the tree, the age of which can reach over two hundred years.

The main material for the author is a dry, ecologically clean, not living tree that has been exposed to the environment for many years. Most often it is a fancifully curved century-old oak tree, as well as a spruce and a birch.

The history of creativity
Alexander Cheglakov, a dentist by profession, found his hobby and later recognition in his unusual work. Several years ago, Alexander created an unusual shape candlestick made of dry hollow spruce, inspired by natural beauty and wood's texture. The first creative work grew into a serious hobby over time and took an important place in the artist's life.Alexander Cheglakov independently searches for trees in the forest for his works, sometimes literally digging up his findings from under a layer of snow, ice, moss or from under a softened and yet unremarkable surface of the tree.While searching for a suitable material, the artist also meets various animals in the forest (hares, wild boars, roes and even deer), which often push and inspire Alexander Cheglakov to create new sculptural compositions. According to Alexander, the main task of the artist is to find and show the inimitable beauty created by nature itself.The artist's activity does not damage the nature, all his works are a kind of manifesto in defense of living trees, and special energy brings warmth and comfort to the house.

Sculptural compositions
The main features of the finished artwork depend on the found tree: it may be an unusual shape and passing annual rings or a bizarre ornament of wood, which was left by bark beetles, as well as the color obtained after the application of special waxes.Based on the final idea, the master adds splinters of ancient stained-glass windows brought from Italy, sea polished pieces of Sicilian ceramics, fancy branches of California corals or bronze animal figures to his compositions.Each Alexander Cheglakov's work is unique and inimitable. Fancy saw shapes evoke amazing emotions and deep aesthetic delight.Especially sophisticated art connoisseurs see in the sculptures of the artist vivid images of frozen time, through which eternal symbols of the fragility of existence pass. It is not by chance that the works of the artist decorate the interiors of such famous figures of culture and art as Denis Matsuev, Vladimir Spivakov, Gennady Khazanov, Pavel Chukhray, Vladimir Mashkov, Pavel Lungin and other famous personalities. Also, some of the artist's works are in private American collections in California and Miami.

Artist's Exhibitions
In October 2019 there was a personal exhibition of Alexander Cheglakov's works The Art of Nature in the walls of the Alpert Gallery in Moscow. All visitors to the exhibition experienced an extraordinary burst of inspiration and joy of being in touch with such a harmonious duet.For the Christmas holidays 2019-2020, several of the artist's works were exhibited in the residence of the British Ambassador, located in Moscow, as an interior decor.From February 9 to 18, 2020 in the Jewish religious and cultural center Zhukovka at the invitation of the head of the Jewish communities of Boroda Alexander Moiseevich an exhibition of Alexander Cheglakov was held, timed to the holiday Tu bi-Shvat (New Year of trees). The unique design of the candlestick, Chanukah and Menorah were presented within the framework of the exhibition, and the flagship work at the exhibition was the sculptural composition Tablets, made of the centuries-old fallen fir trees, symbolizing the image of Mount Sinai (according to the Bible, on this mountain God appeared to Moses and gave the Ten Commandments) and Moses with Tablets. 

The plot of the work depends on the size of the selected part of the tree, whose age can reach more than


Alexander Cheglakov is an artist who revives centuries-old fallen trees in unique art works

The main material for the author is a dry, environmentally friendly, not living tree, many years exposed to the environment

Most often in his works, Alexander Cheglakov uses fancifully curved century-old oaks, spruce and birch

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