2016-06-09 06:29

Moscow and Baku agree on agricultural export issues

Moscow and Baku have agreed to export agricultural products from Azerbaijan to Russia, the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan said on Thursday.

The State Customs Committee (SCC) of Azerbaijan earlier reported on the joint decision with the Russian side on the issue of passage of agricultural products of Azerbaijani origin through the customs of the Russian Federation; according to the SCC, there are cases of delay of goods at the border.

"After discussions, Chairman of the State Customs Committee Aidyn Aliyev and his Russian colleagues received an agreement on export of agricultural products. In the near future it will be possible to send Azerbaijani agricultural products to Russia without hindrance," it was reported.

Previously, a large number of tomatoes sent to Russia were returned, and some products were completely ruined. Allegedly, the Russian customs justified this by the fact that the documents incorrectly specify the country of origin of products. The SCC of Azerbaijan stated that "all products exported from Azerbaijan to Russia are provided with all necessary documentation".