About 130 domestic manufacturers participated in online exhibitions under the common brand
2021-01-11 05:08

About 130 domestic manufacturers participated in online exhibitions under the common brand "Made in Moscow" in December

There are seven exhibitions waiting for entrepreneurs from the capital to demonstrate their own products abroad. Russian goods will be shown abroad by companies from several spheres at once: medicine and pharmaceuticals, IT technologies, the manufacture of clothing and footwear, and the food and cosmetics industries.

More than 120 businesses of the capital responded to the call to participate in well-known international exhibitions in the framework of the project to support domestic business Made in Moscow. This urban program provides comprehensive support and assistance in organizing events. Its ideological inspirer and organizer is the Moscow Export Center, which in every way contributes to increasing the recognition of companies on the international market and build sales channels for their products.

In spite of the fact that the part of events has already taken place, there is still an opportunity to showcase their goods online until the end of December. According to Alexei Fursin, the head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow, in connection with the restrictive measures of COVID-19 it is online venues today provide the necessary access to all the major exhibitions in the world, and the high efficiency of the method is proved by the experience of 2020.

December was rich in international exhibitions, in particular seven events, of which two were devoted to information and communication technologies. The first was the Web Summit forum in Lisbon, where eight innovative start-ups were presented on the theme of applying modern technologies for the benefit of the whole world for an ecologically and socially more sustainable future. The exhibition touched upon medicine, finance, social networks, autonomous heating and crop management. A Russian brand presented an educational platform for language learning. Domestic manufacturers are participating here for the second year, and a total of 30 companies from Moscow for software and hardware and the supply of advanced IT services will take part.

Another 25 companies from the capital will demonstrate their latest developments in Dubai, where Gitex Technology Week takes place. The conference offers an unprecedented platform for young companies to promote their businesses, and the sessions are led by the world's leading technological minds and major IT industry magnates.

The Asia TV Forum & Market Online+ (ATF) audio and visual content exhibition offers a wide range of formats. Its focus is on television industry leaders who will talk about new strategies in the telecommunications and entertainment industry, in content connectivity and in commerce. Nineteen media companies from Moscow participated in this forum, presenting their films, animation and production services as part of the Made in Moscow slogan.

Vietnam Medi-pharm Expo, the largest medical platform in the region, is held in Vietnam, where 15 specialized companies from Moscow were presented. There was on display the latest medical equipment, equipment for diagnostics, treatment and emergency care, emergency response and disinfection systems, as well as electromedical equipment, special furniture, medical devices, etc.

Mongolian Cashmere, Wool, Fur & Leather-2020 textile exhibition was held in Mongolia, where special attention was paid to the production of cashmere clothing and fashion items. Eleven domestic clothing brands, an agency supporting the development of their own brand and a textile design studio participated in the virtual participation.

Moscow suppliers of cosmetics and health and beauty products had a great opportunity to exhibit their experience and present their services to the professional audience at InterCHARM Korea platform. It was attended by 14 companies developing in the cosmetics industry.

Another 13 brands from the capital became part of the international exhibition SIAL in Jakarta, Indonesia, presenting domestic food and drinks.

The organization of collective exhibition stands at international exhibitions is part of the "Made in Moscow" program. It is organized by the MEC, the Moscow Export Center, which provides financing for up to 100% of the participants' expenses. As part of Made in Moscow, the center presents the overall concept of a domestic manufacturer by organizing MatchMaking communication with all interested parties, investors, business partners and potential buyers.

Any manufacturing company from Moscow can take part in the single exposition, and one can find out about the conditions on the official site of the Moscow Export Center.

The Moscow Export Center is subordinate to the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship/Innovative Development. Its key task is to establish communication and financial relations with entrepreneurs in order to promote goods and services of Moscow manufacturers to the world markets. The Export Center is interested in increasing the number of exporters from Moscow and the successful implementation of their foreign economic projects.