Moscow high-tech exports to Asia grew by a third
2021-01-11 05:06

Moscow high-tech exports to Asia grew by a third

In 2020, the volume of exports of Russian high-tech goods to Asian countries has grown significantly compared with 2019. In particular, the capital's exports of high-tech enterprises showed high growth dynamics. According to the press service of the Moscow mayor's office, the indicators of this part of the industry last year increased by 30%.

Composition of Moscow export of Hi-Tech products in 2020

Only for the first eight months of the last year the volume of supply of capital hi-tech production abroad has grown on 27,7 % in comparison with the last period. By the end of the year the figure was close to 30%. Most of the supplies come from India, China and Japan, amounting in total to $1.2 billion in transactions.

Vladimir Efimov, the deputy mayor of Moscow on economic policy, commented on the results of the analysis. According to him, the leader in the volume of Russian-made machinery purchases is China. India has become a leader in the growth rate of procurement volumes.

In 2020, the Moscow enterprises delivered to India 63% more high-tech products than in 2019. The total amount of contracts was $140.32 million. Chinese partners bought $563.31 million worth of products in monetary terms, thereby showing a tangible increase of 22.4% compared to 2019. Slightly less goods in money terms were delivered to Japan - a total of 511.71, and here, too, Moscow's exports increased by 26.2%.

Vladimir Yefimov emphasizes that the growth in exports to India occurred at the expense of $54.26 million not even of equipment parts or system components, but finished goods. In total, Indian companies have expressed interest in 144 product lines.

Alexander Prokhorov, the head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, added his comments to the published results of the study of high-tech exports in 2020. He emphasized the presence of a wide range of goods in the export of Moscow high-tech enterprises in the Asian direction. In particular, Asian companies bought computer components, telecommunications equipment, engine transmissions and electrical distribution systems in large quantities.

But according to Prokhorov, the most popular products supplied to Asia by Moscow companies were gas turbines and turbine engines. Such products accounted for more than a third of Moscow's total Asian exports, worth $348.67 million. Telecommunications equipment, although supplied in much smaller quantities, but also showed an upward trend - in 2020, Moscow has delivered to Asia such goods worth 16.65 million U.S. dollars.

Growth dynamics and forecasts

According to many analysts and key officials, the current trends in Russian high-tech exports can be characterized as extremely positive. Especially positive trends are noticeable exactly in the Moscow segment of foreign transactions for the supply of high-tech products. It is natural, as the productions of such level are concentrated mainly in big cities, and Moscow is expected to be the leader in this respect.

More detailed growth tendencies in the sphere of export of the Hi-Tech specialization industrial enterprises production were characterized by the head of Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and innovative development Alexey Fursin. According to him, the positive dynamics of the capital technological export is traced both as a whole, and for each individual branch.

Foreign supplies of jewelry and metal-working industry products increased by 105% and light industry products - by 56%. The segment of non-metallic materials and products was the record-breaker: although it is a very wide group of goods, but the growth was literally explosive - by three orders of magnitude.

"If we analyze separately by importing country, - added Fursov, - it is noticeable that Russian supplies to Thailand increased by 198%, Bangladesh - by 162%, to Vietnam - 114%. This trend can also be traced in other countries, and there are quite objective reasons for such a promising trend - last year channels of communication and cooperation with potential importers of Russian high-tech products were worked out in depth.

Support of the state

The pandemic had a significant impact on all international relations, but Russian specialists, entrepreneurs and diplomats maintained close communication with representatives of Asian countries. Despite all the epidemiological restrictions, the Mosprom Center for Export Support and Development constantly paid attention to the needs of Russian companies supplying products to India, the PRC, Japan and other Asian countries.

The center implemented and used all available innovations in order to maintain a highly effective level of communication with partners and help the capital's businesses to successfully market their products in the region. Up to 90% of negotiations were conducted remotely using augmented and virtual reality technologies. The parties effectively conducted virtual technology tours and presentations.

The Moscow Export Center, which is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, also provides active assistance to manufacturing enterprises in Moscow and the region. Exporttori

The Moscow Export Center, which is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, also actively assists manufacturing companies in Moscow and the region. They are also given the opportunity to participate free of charge in key international technological exhibitions, the teams undergo special training at the Moscow School of Exporter.