Russia exported a magnetic gravity separator to Kazakhstan
2020-10-22 06:25

Russia exported a magnetic gravity separator to Kazakhstan

A Russian-made magnetic and gravity separator conducted the first stage of tests in the ore preparation and enrichment shop at an industrial complex in Kazakhstan.

The equipment was manufactured by Energokomplekt, a domestic company. It is based on the separation of mineral suspensions, which contain highly magnetic fine particles. This takes place under the influence of a weak magnetic field and centrifugal rising water flow in special magnet-gravitational separators.

The separator is designed for highly selective enrichment of magnetite ores. Due to the use of the new technology it was possible to increase the iron content in the iron ore concentrate.

Today, customers require that the concentrate has an iron content of up to 66%. Thanks to the new separator, it became possible to stabilize technological sections, and during industrial tests we managed to make concentrates with iron content of 67-68%.

Made in Russia // Made in Russia

Author: Ksenia Gustova